LSHTM Alumni Chapter Network -  Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for registering your interest in forming a London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Alumni Chapter. 

Alumni Chapters are made up of volunteers who are members of the Alumni Association. Our network of Alumni Chapters will provide graduates with opportunities to network, socialise, assist their local communities and recruit top students to the School.

If you are interested in setting up an Alumni Chapter please read the following information. 


  1. What do Alumni Chapters do?


Alumni Chapters can be involved in a wide variety of activities. The Alumni Office cannot host regular events and alumni reunions in every country in the world, but we would like to offer all of our alumni the opportunity to meet old classmates and make new contacts through our graduate base.

Part of the function of an Alumni Chapter would be to organise social, academic and professional networking events. The School staff who travel to the Chapter’s region would also be able to participate in the Chapter’s activities.

The Chapters would act as Ambassadors for the School. Chapters could provide advice to prospective students interested in embarking on a course of study at the School. Chapters may be asked to assist with student recruitment activities.

Chapters could offer informal careers advice. The School Careers Service could contact the Chapters to profile alumni for career testimonials. Chapter members could act as advocates within their organisations for School when job vacancies arise.

The Development Office might contact Chapters with information about local development initiatives.     


  1. Where/when can Alumni Chapters be formed?


Alumni Chapters typically define themselves in terms of their geographic location. Chapters can be established in cities, regions or countries with high concentrations of School graduates. Alternatively, Chapters can define themselves in terms of their degree subject, their year of graduation or their area of employment. 


  1. How do I know if there are enough relevant graduates to make forming a Chapter viable?


A list of where our members are located is available on our website at If you want more detailed information please contact the Alumni Office at, who will be very happy to provide you with any demographic information you may require. We welcome interest for any kind of Chapter anywhere in the world. If creating a Chapter is not currently viable we will keep your details on file and with your permission we will contact you if circumstances change. 


  1. Who can volunteer to join an Alumni Chapter Executive Committee?


Any alumnus of the School can volunteer. To be an alumnus of the School you have to have completed a degree or diploma with the School, or have been a member of staff. Distance learning students are also welcome to join the Chapter Executive Commitees. 


  1.  How are Alumni Chapters structured?


Chapters can be made up of a committee of volunteers. These Committees typically have a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The responsibilities would be divided as follows:


  • Oversees responsibilities for all volunteers
  • Sets the Chapter’s activity calendar
  • Serves as primary liaison with the Alumni Office
  • Keeps record of past events, tips for future leaders, and sample letters, invitations, and forms


  • Officiates in Chair’s absence
  • Assists in scheduling club meetings and works with volunteers on mailings and notices


  • Keeps minutes of all meetings
  • Files reports and minutes to the Alumni Office
  • Advises Alumni Office of all change of alumni addresses and phone numbers


  • Maintains the club’s checking account
  • Records all dues and payments
  • Pays all club bills


Chapters would be welcome to appoint additional posts to the committee, such as Marketing and Publicity Officer, Events Coordinator etc.

However, this kind of structure may not be suitable for all Chapters, especially at the initial stages of being set up. It may often be more useful to have an informal structure, with just a Chapter leader, until the Chapter expands and the other roles are necessary. This can be discussed with the alumni office on a case-by-case basis.

  1. How do Chapters contact alumni relevant to their group?


Initially, the Alumni Office will contact alumni in your area on your behalf. We will also advertise your details to relevant alumni members through social media, our website, magazine, and email newsletters so that alumni can contact you directly. Once alumni have contacted you, you will be required to keep their details on file and you can contact them whenever you are planning an event or activity. We encourage all alumni to sign up to our online alumni community ( where you can look up and contact any other alumni who are part of the network.

The Alumni Office widely promotes all our Chapters and encourages as many people to join as possible. We will promote any events you organise as well as setting up an online registration form for each event.

It is likely that you will come into contact with alumni who have not updated the Alumni Office with their current details, in which case the Chapter should pass this information to the Alumni Office.

Please note that the School Alumni Office treats alumni data sensitively and in according with the Data Protection Act 1998 (our data protection statement is available here). Therefore we are unable to provide you with alumni contact data without prior permission. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this.


  1. How else will the Alumni Office support the work of the Chapters? 


We are very appreciate of our volunteers. Although we are not currently in a position to financially support our Alumni Chapters we will be supporting them in other ways. We will promote Chapters at alumni events and in all alumni publications. Each Chapter will be able to report and promote their activities in Alumni News. We will allow our Chapters to use the the School logo. When available we will send merchandise to our Chapters to give away at their events. 


  1. What size should a Chapter be?


Chapters vary in size. Obviously very small Chapters will be hard to maintain, which is why we are only establishing Chapters in regions where they would be sustainable. Typically, membership may start off slowly but will grow steadily over a number of years. If you have any concerns or queries regarding this please email the Head of Alumni ( 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email the Alumni Office or call them on +44 (0)20 7299 4772. 

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